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The Philippines has only 2 seasons: wet and dry, and the dry season is the most favorite part of every Filipino. Why? Every Filipino can do almost every outdoor activities possible when the weather is fine and calm. Filipinos can do exercise or workout, jogging, trekking, hiking, swimming, play sports, and many more.

Besides all those outdoor activities, what’s summer if you don’t go to some of the best places in the Philippines?

Here are four of the best destinations for you to visit this summer:

1. Boracay (Aklan)

BORACAY ISLAND. The white sand beaches of Boracay sets it different from other Philippine tourist spots. Photo from

Overrated white beach and still one of the best beaches to go back to. Boracay had been through a 6-month rehabilitation after discovering algaes on the shore. After the half-year closure, Boracay Island re-opened its beaches to public again in October 2018 and Filipinos did not regret the long break.

Activities you need to try:

Aside from taking a walk off the shore of Boracay, there are numerous activities to try in the island. Some of the best activities in-demand are Island Hopping, Flyfishing, Parasailing, Free-diving, Wind-surfing, Kite-boarding, and Banana Boat.

2. El Nido (Palawan)

EL NIDO, PALAWAN. Apulit Island offers exciting and exhilarating activities for the thrill-seeker. Photo from

One of the best destinations for every adventurous local and international tourist; El Nido has jaw-dropping islands, white sand beaches, and spectacular lagoons that will surely leave you captivated.

Activities you need to try:

There’s no reason to stay in one corner of your hotel room when you are in El Nido. Island Hopping (Shimuzi Island, Seven Commandos Beach, Small and Big Lagoon, etc.) is the in-demand activity within Palawan. Other activities to enjoy are Scuba-diving, Kayaking, Wind-surfing, Snorkeling, and Mountain Biking.

3. Pagsanjan Falls (Laguna)

LAGUNA. Pagsanjan Falls (Magdapio Falls or Cavinti Falls) the third and lowest level of the three-tier waterfalls along Cavinti River. Photo from

Famous for its rapids, Pagsanjan Falls is one the spots locals usually go to when they want to experience trekking before reaching the paradise. The water drops from a height of 120 meters against a cave and into a deep natural pool.

Side trip you need to try:

Aside from experiencing the rapids of Pagsanjan Falls, locals and tourists can also enjoy offbeat waterfalls named Kipot Falls.

4. Siargao (Surigao del Norte)

SIARGAO, SURIGAO DEL NORTE. Siargao Island is popular to local and international surfers. Photo from

Named as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao Island is indeed a place to go for every thrill-seekers. The best time to visit the island is between March and November but if you’re looking forward to surfing competitions, visiting the island from September to November is a good choice.

Activities you need to try

Aside from surfing, there are lots of activities available if you’re not into surfing. Other activities to enjoy are Island Hopping, Cliff-diving, and Snorkeling.

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Hong Kong – MyPhone executives attended the annual Android Partner Summit from December 4-6, 2018 with a purpose to ‘share roadmap, discuss current projects, identify opportunity areas, and agree on strategic collaborations’.

Discussed in the summit were updates on the latest android version, added security feature, additional test suites, Google communication suite, and eSIM.

Tighter security feature is one of the highlights of the Pie Go, claiming that more devices will be safe and secured against malwares and potentially harmful apps (PHA).

There were three great advantages discussed in relation to the Google Comms Suite – Messages, Duo, Phone & Contacts; it is smart, has spam protection, and good for business communication. eSIM (embedded SIM), tiny and smaller than nano SIM card, was also introduced, making it more flexible to use.

MyPhone is looking forward to a more re-defined and powerful technology this year and is working closely with its partners to bring the latest Android version, Pie and Pie Go, this 2019.