MyPhone’s Early Beginnings

What is presently known as the pioneering and trusted local mobile phone brand in the Philippines has a humble beginning which can be traced in 2007. Back then, Mr David Lim played the part of a modern-day David when he dared to battle established international giants in the mobile phone industry with his introduction of the first Filipino mobile phone brand – MyPhone.

MyPhone’s Filipino Heart

Small as it was then, with only 3 models and 15 dealers distributing its products nationwide during its first year, MyPhone was built out of a big goal –to be a proudly Pinoy brand that is in the service of providing Filipinos with excellent quality phones at prices within their reach. This has been perfectly embodied in the phone brand’s logo which is depicted by the Philippine flag enclosed in a solid heart. This image clearly shows how MyPhone, as a company, is committed to uplifting Filipino pride and love for the country.
Over the years, the MyPhone brand has never once strayed away from its vision. From being the first Filipino mobile phone brand, to being the first to offer dual-SIM mobility in the country, MyPhone has always been a pioneer in bringing various developments that are heavy on nationalistic themes and pro-Filipino features.

  • MyPhone was the first to develop customized Cory and Ninoy phones in honor of the great Filipino icons of democracy.
  • MyPhone was the first to introduce music album phones showcasing the music of great OPM icons.
  • MyPhone was also the first to develop a mobile phone with a built-in fake money detector in support of the anti-counterfeit campaign of the Bangko Central ng Pilipinas.

Offering affordable mobile phone alternative among the Filipinos, MyPhone consistently grew both in sales and reach. Its product line continually widens as it offered more variety of phones: from basic call and text phones, to touchscreen phones, wi-fi enabled phones, mobile TV phones, and recently, Android phones and Android phones with Digital TV.

From a market underdog, the company has continuously and consistently risen to become a definitive contender in the Philippine mobile phone landscape. Within its first five years in the business, the company has come far from having just 15 dealers in 2007 to its current roster of 250 dealers and nearly 200 concept stores and kiosks distributing its products nationwide.

Presently, MyPhone is considered a reputable name in the Philippine mobile phone market. It has even gotten ahead of some of its multinational counterparts.

The company considers its products’ customized “Pinoy Content” as its key differentiator. It prides itself to be the only company to offer software exclusively created for MyPhone with a gamut of data such as recipes, jokes, and even prayers.

MyPhone is distributed by MySolid Technologies and Devices Corp. Its head office is located at 3rd Floor Green Sun, 2285 Chino Roces Ave. extension, Makati City.

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  • To empower and dignify every Filipino by providing access to mobile communication and multimedia technology through quality and affordable products and services
  • To continuously develop a globally competitive home-grown brand through the innovation of its products and services resulting from extensive research and development efforts
  • To establish collaborative linkages with various partner institutions as means for timely and relevant business and technological development while advocating the standards of ethical business practices
  • To recognize, nurture, and celebrate Filipino craft and ingenuity by fostering a working environment supportive of and responsive to the Filipino workforce, serving as an enabler of constant self-improvement, dignified work, and pride to empower and dignify every Filipino by providing access to mobile communication and multimedia technology through quality and affordable products and services
  • To be consistently at the forefront of promoting Filipino talent, culture, and everything beautiful about the Philippines and its people through our core business with the synergy of its stakeholders towards a Filipino-driven and Filipino-centric nation-building


MyPhone, the pioneering Filipino mobile communications company, envisions itself to be the most respected and preferred multimedia products and services company promoting pride, dignity, and a sense of nationalism in every Filipino through technology and innovation which meaningfully contribute to nation-building.

MyPhone’s Commitment


MyPhone commits to celebrating PINOY PRIDE, making a difference in the lives of Filipinos through technological solutions for communication, innovative products and services, top notch customer service and constant celebration of everything beautiful about the Philippines and its people.


MyPhone commits to uphold its ideals of maintaining the credibility of our organization, the business processes, products and services through the promotion and maintenance of ethical corporate culture and practices.


MyPhone commits to providing a great working environment where continuous training and development of the people who fuels the success of the company is observed, and where opportunities for growth and self-improvement are fairly and equally enjoyed by everyone.

MyPhone commits to the promise of providing products that have inculcated our direction of uplifting everything about the Philippines, believing that everything about the Philippines is beautiful and is worth taking pride in.


MyPhone commits to constantly study, understand and keep up with the latest technological advancements, demands, and trends, while we constantly remind ourselves to put the changing and evolving needs of our customers in the face of the changing times, always on top of our priority.