MyPhone releases first model among upcoming ‘waterdrop series’

Following the teasers posted on MyPhone’s social media pages, the newest affordable Android phone ‘for the neXt generation’ has finally arrived. 

Introducing MyPhone myWX1 Plus, an elegant and welcoming Android phone that offers a reliable mobile experience as it is the first waterdrop Android phone off the WX Series available in the market.

Although myWX1 Plus is not the first waterdrop Android phone from MyPhone – credits to the ever-sophisticated myX12 – MyPhone Vice President Kevin Tan said that this entry-level phone is ideal for the bagets market.

“As a Filipino phone brand, we want our younger market to have and own a phone that fits their mobile needs,” Tan said. 

VP Kevin Tan also said that ‘younger generations do not need to have expensive phones’. “They do not have much things to do yet with their phones except for communication and socializing,” he said.

“With the new MyPhone waterdrop series, they can maximize these phones through communication and social media,” Tan added.

Among its featured specifications are the 5.71” HD+ Waterdrop IPS Display which gives a wider viewing experience, 1.4GHz Quad-Core processor, 13MP AF Main Camera and 8MP Front Camera, 3,000mAh Battery, Dual 4G LTE SIM slot, a fingerprint sensor, and supported by Android™ 10.


Aside from myWX1 Plus, a lighter and two upgraded versions of the phone model will be available soon for a very affordable price. 

myWX1 Plus is now available at select MyPhone kiosks, concept stores, and multi-brand phone stores for only P3,099. Also available in 3 colors: Black, Gray, and White.

For more information about the release and availability of myWX1 Plus and its series, like and follow MyPhone’s official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages or visit

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