Power-up with ease using MyPhone powerbanks

Polymer powerbank 1 - Featured Image

Already at 25% battery and you’re not yet halfway through your destination? No charging station? No usb port outlet on the bus? Hassle thinking where to recharge? Too many questions in your head and still thinking where to recharge? Worry no more, MyPhone got you covered!

Powered with 10000mAh, this slim and well-crafted powerbank gives enough power for your next get-away

Polymer powerbank 2 - Featured Image

The aluminum powerbank weighs 225g while the polymer powerbank weighs 215g. With a 10-gram difference, both of the products give a flawless performance. In addition, charging time takes 5-6 hours.

Get the polymer powerbank for only Php 699 and the aluminum powerbank for only Php 999. Buy now at select MyPhone kiosks, multi-brands, and concept stores nationwide and online on Lazada and Shopee.

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